Another season, another promise.

Even before the NBA LIVE series went off the rails about half a decade ago, we should remember that it was barely hanging on during the PS2/X-Box generation, anyway.

Really, since 2003 NBA 2K has out-performed NBA LIVE every… single… year. But when LIVE got so bad that it had to be SHUT DOWN for a couple of years, most people figured it was the end for the classic franchise.

But for some reason, the series refuses to die. I don’t know why- EA can’t possibly be making any money off it, can they?

Apparently, NBA LIVE 15 will happen, per this open letter from Sean O’Brien, the game’s Executive Producer.

And while I would love nothing more than a feel-good story this Fall where NBA LIVE 15 is a great game, the last five years for the franchise can only be summed up as a giant, waste of time.

Every single year we have been promised that mistakes were learned, that changes were made. And every, single year we get a horrible, amateur-ish game that would have been criticized if it were released for the PS1.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why a company that makes FIFA can’t figure out how to build an enjoyable basketball game.

While 2K gets criticism for becoming stagnant, LIVE can’t build a product that can rival their release from 10 years ago!

But, like clockwork, comes another apology and claim that, this year, things will be different.

Why should we believe it?


The last good basketball game EA released was NBA JAM: On Fire Edition (and it’s a great game, by the way!)

At this point, it’s not enough to make promises, it’s now necessary to try to generate some good-will.

That means “something free”.

Maybe a 2 for 1 package deal with Madden or FIFA.

Because at this point, NBA LIVE‘s purpose shouldn’t be to necessarily try to make money now. It should serve as a window into the future and a promotional piece so that maybe, someday soon, people will actually be comfortable and confident enough to spend money on your product.

There is no trust or confidence in the NBA LIVE series, anymore. It’s pretty hard to destroy a historic brand name but EA has managed to do that.

It’s time to bite the bullet, build a good game, give it away and hope it’s enough to change a now-toxic reputation.

See you this Fall.


Cover Picture: Wikipedia