Summer fresh…

It makes sense if the name doesn’t ring a bell; it wasn’t until last Spring this cologne was released.

Like Cool Water, this is an aquatic scent, of sorts. While it smells like “something we’ve smelled before”, it manages to put its own twist on its unimposing nature. Essentially, its combination of notes creates a “drawing-into” effect while at the same time it won’t constantly remind you that you’re wearing it. This is a perfect combination of subtlety and “richness”.

With a citrusy, warm smell it’s an excellent scent for the Summer. You do need to be careful not to put on too much of it; not because its projection is so strong (it’s not) but because this fragrance excels best when its worn in a “just right” manner.

While it won’t blow your mind, this is a quality scent, plain and simple. And if you’re looking for that sweet spot of “similar, but different”, this one may be for you.

Give it a try!



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