Call it a rant (or, perhaps, an observation) but bear with me here.

My first smartphone was this bad boy:

Verizon XV6700 Photo:

Verizon XV6700

It was 2006 and I had a phone that had a browser, music player, video player, a touch screen, removable storage, a big ass keyboard and I even found a way to get AIM on there, as well (take that Sidekick!).

So, for the better part of a decade, I have had (and appreciated) smartphones.

This is my phone now:

LG Spectrum Photo:

LG Spectrum

It was cool when I first got it; bigger screen and all that.

But you know what?

I would gladly give up some of the smartphone features I enjoy today if I could just try to call someone without the screen lagging in between!

Now, my particular phone doesn’t have the best reviews in the lag department, in general. But this is about the bigger picture:

I know other people, all with different phones, who complain that, while their device can do incredibly convenient things, after about a year, they just start to lag.

Making a call, opening apps and constant crashes can be an exercise in frustration.

Also, while a lot of people appreciate a large screen, it can be annoying holding some of these bigger phones up to your ear for an extended period of time, and a lot of the more premium phones these days are a bit on the larger side.

Really, these days using a smartphone is akin to using a computer. And if we want to experience the conveniences of modern technology we also have to deal with its faults.

Thanks to smartphones, we do things walking down the street that, years ago, required using a laptop.

I know I would hate to lose my mobile browser, navigation and apps, among other things.

But part of me appreciates the time when I could just flip open my Motorola and simply press “send”.

Picture: Wikipedia