It all starts with this one.

Back in 2005, ESPN ran a series, “It’s the Shoes”, for 8 episodes.

For those that are not that familiar with the show (it’s been 9 years?!), it basically followed Bobbito Garcia¬†each episode as he highlighted different aspects of the industry and culture.

And while it may sound a bit hokey to some, for those of us who have a special place in our hearts for all things sneakers it was real nice to see that love showcased on TV (on ESPN, no less).

Now personally, for me, the Air Force One is THE silhouette I would draw if I had to draw one “sneaker”. There are numerous reasons why the shoe has withstood trends and generations but the main one is that it’s a shoe that is iconic in its simpleness while that simpleness also allows it to grow with the times.

Think Yankee pinstripes and the Oakland Raiders jerseys.

So you can imagine how I really enjoyed watching this short clip on the history of this classic and what it means to generations of people, young and old.


Picture Credit: Nike